Sibling Carers Fund - how to apply

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Meet Jordan, he is a sibling carer for his younger brother. Jordan has been involved with Connecting Young Carers for several years and is one of our Young Carer Youth Ambassadors. Jordan wants to tell you about the latest break funding for sibling young carers.


"Lots of Young Carers who help care for a brother or sister would do it anyway. We love them. Sometimes it's really good for young carers though to remember to look after themselves and take some time out. Connecting Young Carers now has a fund for sibling carers like me and the many more out there. Sibling carers aged 11+ can apply for up to £150 towards the cost of a break or activity.
Fancy going on that school trip?
Seeing that band you love?
Or taking a trip to the cinema with friends?

Then get in touch with the team on 01463 723563 or email

Thank you,
Jordan (over and out)

Date : 20 February