Helping Young Carers overcome barriers to learning

For many young carers it is important to highlight the skills and capabilities they already have as a result of caring and supporting a family member. Ensuring young carers are able to attain and go to positive destinations.
  • Work with the young carer to create homework and study plans
  • Ensure young carers are involved in positive activities that boost and maintain their mental wellbeing- including coping strategies, mindfulness etc..
  • Encourage young carers who have a particular hobby or interest to pursue it, ensuring they get time out and build positive friendships
  • Offer study periods, homework clubs, or a quiet space for them to relax
  • Provide them with a point of contact so that they can regularly discuss their situation and the impact on their schooling.
  • Recognise when a young person has had difficulty completing homework due to a high end caring role, and offer them additional help and extended deadlines
  • If a young carer is late, address this with them away from their peers so as to not cause further embarrassment and reassure them that they are very much wanted in school
  • Teach all pupils about young carers and various disabilities, this will remove some of the stigma and allow young carers to feel that school is an understanding and supportive environment.