How we can help your school and your young carers
In School

Making sure that Young Carers are seen, heard and supported in their schools.
Here at Connecting Young Carers we know how important school is for Young Carers. Being able to take part in a full school life whilst juggling a caring role can be demanding. For many Young Carers, school is a safe and happy place where they can be supported to achieve and feel included with their friends.

Schools are ideally placed to identify and support young people in caring roles and here at Connecting Young Carers we work alongside schools, teachers and pupils to help raise awareness of Young Carers and the issues they face.

Our team is here to help schools in Highland become Young Carer Aware, by delivering assembly presentations, PSE lessons and training to staff and pupils. When schools are informed and knowledgeable, Young Carers are better identified and supported.


Schools have a duty to accurately record and assess the need and wellbeing of Young Carers.

“Young Carers should have their wellbeing assessed within the GIRFEC framework and with consideration being given as to whether they require a Child’s Plan under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.”
Early identification of Young Carers helps to minimise the impact caring can have on young people in education, ensure they have the same opportunities as their peers and make sure that young people are not carrying out inappropriate levels of caring.  

Schools will also feel confident speaking to families and pupils about caring roles at home and how best to support a young person with this and their education.

All young carers should be offered a Young Carers Statement through their school- CYC have developed a simple template which can be used when discussing the impact of a caring role of their life and school. Find it here

To see what schools should be doing for your carers, and their duties under the Act, please click here.

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