Types of care or support a young carer might undertake.
Young people take on various caring roles and can include

Practical: housework, shopping, cooking, managing bills

Personal care: washing, dressing, toileting

Physical care: such as helping a parent move around in and outside of the home, lifting, moving and handling or helping with exercises.

Childcare: Taking on the role of a parent ensuring siblings are fed, washed, dressed, supported to school and entertained

Emotional Support: Reassuring the person they care for, listening to their concerns, encouraging them to eat, take medication,

Social Support: Supporting a family member to attend medical appointments, access the shops and public transport.

Communication Support:

Some young carers undertake high levels of care, whereas for others it may be frequent low levels of care. Either can impact heavily on a child or young person if they do not feel they have a strong network of support.